Empire Is Back Tonight

What most of us consider one of the best television shows EVER debuts its second season tonight. For those of you who forget how the season ended off – Cookie was working as a snitch for the feds (throughout the show) – Luscious killed Bunkie (Cookies Uncle) – and was arrested just as the company went IPO. At the same time his son Jamal “came out” his other son ended up institutionalized after a psychotic break and Hakeem the youngest who was dating Naomi Campbell plotted to take control of the company after Luscious gave Jamal his blessing and control. The original premise of the show of course was that Luscious had ALS and only had a few years – the boys were all competing for control of his empire. It turned out that Lucious didn’t have ALS after all – but the season ended with Lucious being arrested and believing that Cookie snitched on him.

I suggest binge watching the first season again (on Netflix), there is way too much content to summarize – you have to watch it.

I hope they have a strong opening episode that will define the new direction of the show (considering Luscious does not have ALS). I think its going to prove to be an exciting season. I thought in the begining it was a little like glee because of all the music – but I got absolutely hooked into the storyline and characters. If you aren’t watching this show – you need to start ASAP – binge watch today and tomorrow and try to catch up and watch the first second episode next week!

Empire Is Back Tonight

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