Palin guest hosting on the One America News Network interviewed Trump in gushing fashion. In what can only be described as a completely biased and flattering interview.  Palin known for her brief time as a Presidential running mate to John McCain fed Trump answers more than she asked questions.

At one point in the interview according to the Guardian Palin asked “the Don” what he thought about the economy and how its affecting the blue collar workers (adding that she knows the issue is  close to his heart).  As would be expected Trump blamed other countries for stealing American jobs.  It was announced by the Commerce Department that the economy has grown by 3.7% and weekly unemployment claims have dropped.  “I don’t think we’re getting the true state of the economy out of the White House,” Palin said in response to the economic data to which Trump responded “The White House is not truthful.”

The Department of Commerce is of course not the White House though they are the branch of government that provides economic data (so its their numbers Palin and Trump are questioning).  President Obama did appoint the officials that run the Department – however they run completely independent.  If the DOC were fudging the numbers they would not simply be lying in some elaborate way for a democrat to get elected – they would be lying to investors and governments around the globe.  This type of rhetoric takes campaigning a step to far.  It is fair for Trump to criticize the system of government, taxation, offshoring of industry and anything else he wants – but to accuse the DOC of lying  implies a cover up.  Trump has made irresponsible claims early on in this election campaign – but to accuse economic data of being manipulated is to undermine the very economy he is promising  to protect.

Everyone is amused by Trump’s “In your face”, stream of conscious bold statements – but someone has to draw the line between responsible and irresponsible campaigning.  Accusing the White House of lying (through some elaborate conspiracy with the DOC) about positive economic data (likely because it flies in the face of what he is campaigning on) is irresponsible.  There is a lot of time left in this race and while the exaggerations and controversial statements make for great news articles – we need the economy to continue growing (even if its slower than desired, its still twice as fast as Europe), unemployment also needs to continue falling – whether Trump decides to believe the numbers or not.


Trump to Palin : “The White House is not truthful.”

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