Sam Smith Covers Amy WineHouse –“Love is a losing game” – Listen here

Its interesting to see Smith covering this song. Not only because of the gender difference – but because Winehouse has become iconic – and Smith is still trying to stay relevant. Amy is a legend – there are so m any stories you will read about her learning entire pieces of music on the tube whilst late for class. Smith most recently sang the latest “bond song” to some pretty mixed reviews. It’s not that Smith is a terrible singer – incapable of singing Amy – he is definitely a skillful singer.. but listen to a song like “Back to Black” to see her unique writing style – or her cover of “Valerie” where she took a male performed song and completely owned it. Listening to this cover Smith made really just shows how good Amy was. She was more than just a great voice – she had amazing music intuition. Sam Smith is an excellent singer – but he never cut his teeth as a writer like Amy did (there was of course that Tom Petty plagiarism thing on his first big hit) – and he certainly doesn’t have the unique look and sound Amy did. Enjoy this song for what it is especially if you have never heard it – but if you have hear it already – go right to the Amy version.

Sam Smith

Amy Winehouse

Sam Smith Covers Amy WineHouse –“Love is a losing game” – Listen here

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