Kendrick Lamar Untitled Unmastered Album Review

Lamar’s latest “mix tape” is really more a collection of songs that don’t resolve themselves. Perhaps it is more his unfinished work. I couldn’t help but wanting to compare it to Drake’s last mix tape – but Kendrick is not Drake – not even close. I did some research on Lamar after listening to the album. I saw he was born in the 8s0 so I know he would have grown up being influenced by that 90s sound – the first untitled tracks intro sounds like something right of a “Black Sheep” album.

Lamar displays his talent throughout the Album. He has a few very dominant voices that effectively allows the listener to transition from a violent outburst to Lamar rapping about the birds chirping (literally). He is the best rapper today in probably most people’s opinion – he is not taking the more popular route like Drake, where you have three year olds sing your song (Hotline Bling). Lamar is painting pictures of where he grew up through his music – it is authentic and raw. This is not one for a child or a young teenager to listen to – but for older people that appreciate rap as a genre, they will once again be amazed by Lamar’s lyrical ability – though its just a “mix tape” – its 8 new songs, 4 of which are somewhat memorable.

This album is maybe a 3/5, but for Lamar fans the “Untitled 2″(blue eyes) track is worth purchasing.

Kendrick Lamar Untitled Unmastered Album Review

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