Chris Brown Wins Joint Custody Of Daughter Royalty

Chris Brown showed up today in court to battle for joint custody of his daughter Royalty. He even tweeted today under the hashtag #iloveroyalty according to Hollywood Life.

Hollywood Life went on to quote “Chris hates being in court. He’s had bad luck in front of judges his entire life. He’s nervous over the thought of him losing Royalty in this paternity hearing,”

Has the whole world gone crazy? This guy has been in a number of fights, apparently threatened to shoot Frankie Ocean (and called him a faggot). He also punched a fan who jumped into a picture with Chris and two girls – breaking his nose. There was a rehab stint. And I think most of us will not forget the terrifying details of his beating and choking of Rihanna – does anyone remember the interview she did with Oprah?

I don’t doubt this guy loves his kid. He clearly has had some issues in the past and hopefully he has received help – theres a lot of stuff the media doesnt know about – so lets assume the court made the right decision.

The question I have – is why is this guy still famous? After the Rihanna thing he should have disappeared into obscurity. I am disappointed in humanity for perpetuating this guys celebrity. He isn’t a good role model for men and what he did to Rihanna should have disgusted women everywhere to their core. Ya hes got a troubled past – but he is in the public eye and should have been removed by the same public that made him famous for his despicable behavior.

Hes got one of the smoothest voices around – i’ll give him that – but we already have an Usher or John Legend or Ray J, T-Pain or Akon. Why are people buying this guys music? Domestic abuse is not “cool”. This guy is a degenerate.

I hope he is able to have a relationship with his daughter. I hope that relationship helps change him as a man – we all have the potential for change. I just question whether we should be paying this guys bills while he figures his life out. Especially when there are so many other artists that would appreciate the attention.

Chris Brown Wins Joint Custody Of Daughter Royalty

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