Adira Garcia
Hola todos. I’m Adria Garcia a 24 year old blogger from Chicago, IL. I blog on a variety of subjects but usually focus on fashion and celebrity gossip or all things espaniol. I love to salsa, love the Cubs and love to go sailing on Lake Michigan the few months of warm weather we get!  You can hit me up by email:Adria from  Chao.

Atticus Lewis
I’m Atticus Lewis, im a full time blogger and freelance writter. I am from Detroit, MI originally, but I have been on the road for the last 4 years. I love Atlanta, love Nashville and can’t help but love San Fran. I regularly write about celebrity gossip, sports as well as live Music. I graduated from University of Michigan with a Bachelors degree in Journalism; Go Wolverines! You can reach me at Atticus from

Finn Parker
Hey guys – my name is Finn. My parents gave me a name that is not clearly male or female so I guess I should tell you that I am a 21 year old girl. I am from Miami Beach, FL and have been slowly completing a degree in communications. I am doing what I love writting freelance and blogging. I focus on fashion, reviews and all this celebrity – especially GOSSIP. I can’t live without my iphone and when I am not texting or writing – you can find me on the strip enjoying the sunshine. If you have any story ideas I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Finn from

Guinivere Ray
Im Guinivere Ray and I come from LA. Born and bred in the land of celebrity, hollywood and lives of excess. Im 25 and have been blogging solely on celebrity. I do gossip, I do news, I eat up fueds, hookups and breakups, music, movies, tv shows; if it happens here – I am all over it. My parents are hippies, my name is from a Crosby Stills and Nash song (I have green eyes). I love classic folk, blues and rock. I like the indie music scene, anything with tequilla in it and puffin the leaf. Guinivere from

Miguel Vaargas
My name is Miguel I am the senior editor for I am from Miami, FL and have been content writting and editing for many years. I absolutely love everything celebrity, which is why this site exists! When I am not working on the site and editing entries – I enjoy programming, Jet Skiing, zoning out to the TV, and throwing the Frisbee around to my lab Jackson. If you want to talk business or have story ideas email: Miguel from

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