Rihanna Lawsuit: “Shes hot because shes not dark”

Yes folks – I checked my iPhone this morning and it is still 2015. According to TMZ Rihanna is the victim of racist comments from the firm that handles her finances. Flynn Family Office where the guy who made the comments worked – allegedly had a culture of racism and sexism.

In typical TMZ fashion you would think Rihanna is suing (shes not) – its a fired employee who is trying to air the companies dirty laundry – stinging people along the way. T

Riri is hot because shes hot, dark or light – she has amazing bone structure, beautiful eyes and CAN SING. Its sad that there is a possibility of someone out there commenting on skin color – especially with Rihanna who is worthy of her fame because of her musical ability.

Dont worry Rihanna.. you’ll always be perfect in our books.

Rihanna Lawsuit: “Shes hot because shes not dark”

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